I am a twenty something (for a little over a year anyways!) living in Richmond VA. (aka RVA)

I'm an avid reader and other than when I get sucked into a new game or when I'm writing, all of my free time is spent consuming literary bliss. A book and a pedicure pretty much make the perfect afternoon. <3 I won't be sharing ALL of my reviews (but you can see all of them on Goodreads) but I will share the ones that get to me the most here on this blog. :)

I'm an author! My first book, When Faults Collide, was published in June 2015. I have published a 2nd title, Kenna's Reverie, which released August 2015. For regular updates on my work (including excerpts) and to see the rest of my books head over to Claire Granger Books.

I am an advocate and an activist. I am a huge supporter of a number of social justice issues and causes. You will see lots of posts about those things here! I am always trying to find new things I can do to better my community and serve others, whether that be through fostering, mentoring, volunteering, donating, etc. This is a huge piece of who I am, and I can't wait to share!

I love my city. Like, love love. It's pretty much my favorite place on earth. I'm psyched to share all the reasons why and all of the new discoveries and adventurings! :)

I have been committed to my weight loss journey since November of 2014 and to date have lost 100 pounds! I will be sharing tips, tricks, struggles, and updates here! :)

I love food! (Says the fat girl! Ha!) I am DEFINITELY a foodie! I love cooking, reading cookbooks, watching cooking shows, checking out local eateries, and my newest love (thank you RVA) is food trucks! Expect LOTS of foodie postings! :)

Finally, the last piece of me I am sharing here. I am an adult adoptee. What does that mean exactly? It means I was adopted. My adoptive parents (who are just my parents) adopted me when I was a wee baby and while some people would think that wouldn't have impacted my life, the truth is, my adoption has been (by far) the most influential event in my life. I plan to share my adoption story, my journey to self, and lots of other adoptee related things here. Previously it's something I really didn't share a lot about publicly, but at this stage in my life, I'm ready to share. 

I hope that you enjoyed hearing the ins and outs of ME and who I am and I hope that you will step on and enjoy this wild ride of life with me! :) 

As always, leave me some comment love! <3


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