Thursday, April 6, 2017

Baby Chicks!

Guess who got CHICKS?!

Meet Penelope and Persephone, cute little Easter Eggers, believed to be Americauna mixes of sorts. :)

(Basically, they are chicken mutts, who will likely lay some pretty eggs!)

I've wanted chickens for quite some time, but it was Boyfriend who gave me the final push. 

I'm currently spending about $8 a week in farm eggs, so why not spend about $15 a month in chicken supplies for fresh eggs? 

We are planning to build the coop and run using scavenged and free parts, hoping to cost next to nothing. (Chicken wire is no joke on cost y'all...for real!)

Also planning to let them do LOTS of free ranging so they eat bugs, etc. from the yard, therefore their feed (non-GMO, organic, antibiotic free) will just be a supplement once they get to be adult chickies. :)

Aren't they just so cute you want to die?! 

This is their temporary home, also known as a "brooder". 

It's a box, with a heat lamp, puppy pad, waterer, and feeder!

So, stay tuned for lots of chicken updates!!!! <3 <3

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