Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Upcoming Cannabis Events

Here are some of the upcoming cannabis events in DC (and a few in surrounding areas).

This is an evolving and updating list. If you know of an event that isn't listed, please email me (or tag Claire in RVA on facebook) the details so I can get it added to the list! :)

April 1st,Cannabis Campaign School
               Washington Interns Gone Bad Screening
April 2nd, Reschedule 420 Protest
                  Cake and Ice Cream Party
April 3rd, Protest for Cannabis Legalization
April 7th, Women Grow DC
April 9th, Beginners Grow Class
April 12th, Mid-Atlantic Quarterly Cannabis Caucus
April 16th, East Coast Grow Launch Party
April 20th, Cannijuana Friends March
                  Indoor 420 Stoner Fest
April 23rd, National Cannabis Festival

May 10th, Secret Cup Awards Ceremony
May 12th, 6th Annual Cannabis Industry Lobby Days
May 28th, DC Grower's Cup

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cannabis Culture in DC

Photo graciously provided by a DC resident 

Two hours north of us in the District of Columbia, recreational marijuana use is legal and the cannabis culture has truly taken off. Prop 71, which legalized marijuana in the District for recreational use, has done amazing and policy-changing things for cannabis culture on the east coast. 

To be a witness and active participant in this modern day prohibition has shifted my thinking and truly been a life changing thing for me and many other pro-cannabis activists. 

However, there are still so many problems associated with this new bill because of the effect that it's having on the surrounding areas (Richmond/Virginia included). For example, a Richmond local could drive up to DC to visit a friend, smoke marijuana, and then drive back to Richmond having broken NO laws. Yet if a DC resident has a dab pen (similar to an e-cig for hash oil aka dabs) drives across the bridge to Tyson's Corner to head to the mall and they are pulled over, they will find themselves in jail for felony possession. This is a MAJOR problem. We are not talking about dealers who are carrying weight, we are talking about normal, average, recreational users. 

The policies surrounding recreational usage in the District are fairly simple. You may possess up to two ounces on you at any given time. You may grow up to six plants, with three being mature. The age of possession is 21 (just like alcohol) and you may not sell the marijuana nor smoke in public. Remember, this is not approval for medicinal marijuana like in California and other areas, this is legal recreational use. 

Local businesses in DC are able to host cannabis events. Venders and producers of products and events for cannabis are popping up all over the District, growing the city's local economy. 

The best part, however, is the MASSIVE crime decrease in the district and what this means for activists against the mass incarceration of people of color in this country. The Daily Caller wrote an excellent article about the last year and changes in the district regarding marijuana laws. You can read that article here.

I have had the pleasure of attending a few events now, each of which has given me so much joy to witness. To see the businesses popping up supporting the socioeconomic status of DC as well as the support for the cannabis community; it's just been amazing.

Those of you in the community who have been so gracious as to speak with me and allow me to photograph at your events- thank you. I look forward to a budding (pun very much intended) and continuing networking relationship. :)

This blog is taking a shift and I will be actively sharing and posting about the cannabis culture in DC. Check back often to see interviews, event reviews, and a list of upcoming events! 

As always, leave me some comment love! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What does it mean to be Sex Positive?

Frequently when I tell people that I am "sex positive", I get a look of confusion. This post is to shed light on the sex positive movement and what that means to me as well as future plans for this blog.

If you google sex positive, wikipedia will give you this definition:
The sex-positive movement is a social movement which promotes and embraces sexuality with few limits beyond an emphasis on safe sex and the importance of consent.
Essentially what this means for me is that I embrace sexuality as a normal and completely acceptable part of life. I embrace kink, consent (enthusiastic consent!), LGBT issues, and anything surrounding sex and sexuality.

I believe that our culture has shamed sex for far too long and that discussing the wonderful and amazing aspects of sex is a liberating movement sweeping our country and changing the future for generations to come.

What this means for this blog is that you are going to see sex toy reviews, kink event reviews, interviews, and news updates all surrounding the wonderful subject of SEX!

Let me know your thoughts and leave me some comment love! :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

What I learned from Whole30

A few months ago I passed my 100 pound mark for weight loss. While this was a HUGE accomplishment, it also suddenly made me realize that I need to switch up my eating plan ASAP in order to keep up the momentum. (You can read about what I was doing last here.)

So a new friend who I have grown very close to (Ron from Building Brix Farm, who I will be interviewing and spotlighting later this week!) suggested that I join him on a month long plan called Whole30.

I cautiously but optimistically agreed to do this 30 day experiment to see what it could do for me at this late in the stage of my journey. The results were shocking to say the least.

The premise of Whole30 (Click here to read about the plan in detail.) is that you are eliminating any and all foods that have the tendency to disrupt your GI system and eating nothing but whole foods. So, no grain of any kind, no corn or soy, no legumes, no dairy, no sugar or sweetener (including honey and maple syrup), and avoiding processed foods.

My initial thought was that other than my coffee creamer addiction, I could totally do this. I knew that I would have to re-introduce meat into my diet because without legumes, soy, and dairy, I needed the protein source. So I marched my butt down to Ellwoods, stocked up on some quality local meat and eggs, and went into this with the idea that I would rock this whole30 with no problem at all.

(The containers pictured are mine. Please note that I have three adult roommates and so the majority of the food in there that isn't compliant is theirs.)

Here are the biggest things I learned from this month long experiment:

-The massive amount of planning that I had to do was the first thing that kicked me into gear of realizing just how much I was relying on processed or quick food. Having to actually plan, think, and prepare real food ahead of time was a big shift in the way that I was eating and the way that I thought about food. Food is so easy for us to access, but actual healthy whole food? Not so much. As a result, it put me more in tune with being involved with the entire food process from picking organic and sustainable food (and knowing where it comes from) to planning and then preparing all to be able to eat it. This was a very big change in my normal.

-My love of grain based carbs was not as recognized until I suddenly couldn't have them. While I am not writing off grains forever, I did learn just how much I need to let go of the dependency on them. As a society we have become SO dependent on these grains that our bodies were not made to consume in large quantity.

-SUGAR, CORN, and SOY ARE IN EVERYTHING. Seriously. Until you've had to make your own ketchup and mayonnaise, you just don't understand how corn, sugar/sweetener, and soy have made their way into literally EVERYTHING that we eat. Being conscious of this has shown me that I need to read the labels and really try to rid my body and life of being so saturated in these things. Go to the store and attempt to find anything outside of produce and meat that doesn't contain sugar/sweetener, corn, and/or soy. You will be SHOCKED.

Overall, this month taught me to be more in tune with my food and my body. It shifted my thinking and my way of eating and that's not changing even though I'm officially "done" with the plan. My transition will be sticking with whole foods.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about my weight loss, I lost 4 additional pounds this month. For someone this late into the weight loss game, this was a HUGE accomplishment.

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