Friday, July 31, 2015

My Nightly Skincare Routine

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Every night I use the same products (Except for those super lazy nights where a good cleansing wipe and me is all that's happening! Shhhh!) and I have noticed a difference in how my skin looks and feels. I thought, well what the heck- I'll share with you all!

Step 1- Use a cleansing wipe to wipe off any dirt/makeup.

I like the basic equate wipes, but will also use the samples that come with my Ipsy bags on occasion too. (When all else fails, use a baby wipe!#MommyHack)

Step 2- Use a good facial scrub to wash your face.

I prefer St. Ives. I've used the generics and they are mostly the same, as long as it's the exfoliating scrub type! I rub into my skin in circles and the first wipes off with a warm, wet washcloth and then splash water in my face to get off any excess. I pat dry with a dry towel.

Step 3- Toner.

I'm old school about this and use Sea Breeze astringent. If this isn't a normal for you, it's going to burn. Feel the burn! ;)

Step 4- (As needed) Use a spot acne cream.

I use the Equate generic of Clearasil. Like I said, this is as needed only when I break out.

Step 5- Use a moisturizing night cream.

This is something I've only been doing for a few months and MAN can I see a huge difference!! I use Garnier's Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream Anti-Age plus Anti-Fatigue Night Cream which I get on Amazon. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this product. It moisturizes, firms, evens skin coloring, and has helped IMMENSELY with dark circles.

Side note: Thank you foster care for causing my 28 year old skin so much stress that I now need a night cream. Appreciate it! 

So that's pretty much it!

What does your night routine look like?

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bottoms Up {Top Five Favorite Things}

This gem, well known to Richmonders, is Bottoms Up. It's located on Dock and 17th in the Bottom and is right next to the Canal Club.

Isn't that mural great? I just love it. It's right across the street.

People not native to this area would ask what KIND of pizza Bottom's Up is so famous for. Well, that's what makes it different. It's not New York or Chicago style. 
They use a from scratch thick sourdough crust and have dubbed it "Richmond Style" pizza. 
It's the, folks.

However, it's not just their pizza that's amazing. In fact, while I love their pizza, the rest of their menu is equally drool-worthy. 

Here's a list of my top five favorite things at Bottoms Up: 

 1. Shockhoe Bottom Burger (Pictured above)
Listen folks, this burger is LEGIT. Slightly grilled fresh bun with handmade patties and all the typical fixings. YUM. It normally comes with their seasoned fries (which, let me just say, will cause unexpected noises to erupt from your mouth) but since the burger was already a veer off of the "good eating", I ordered a side salad instead. 

2. Spinach Salad
This is my favorite salad in town. It's huge, and has spinach, mushrooms, bacon, egg, tomatoes, and homemade croutons. I usually get it with honey mustard dressing.

{Side note- all of their dressings are made in house from scratch. That's right, from scratch!!}

3. Goat in the Garden Pizza
This bad boy is topped with goat cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and roasted garlic. Get a side of parmesan peppercorn salad dressing to dip that bad boy in, and you can thank me later. 

4. Dock Street Club
This is one of those meals served best at lunch and will seriously bring you back. It's sort of like a wedge salad, sometimes you just really want a club sandwich. Well, the Dock Street Club delivers. Their bacon, by the way, might make you curse your mother. (Might.) It's also served with fries but they will sub for a side salad if you ask. :)

5. Hawaiian Pizza
Pineapples and ham, right? Yep. Except they use a white sauce for this bad boy and it will blow your mind with the deliciousness. You will have all the feels if you get a side of ranch for this guy. (Though, to be fair, it's damn good on it's own.)

That's all for today, folks. 

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Photo Dump: Trip to California

I took a trip to California to visit my long time bestie, Emily, last weekend. We did so much in three days it was crazy! We did Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills (well, we got lost drove around Beverly Hills anyway!), Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, and Huntington Beach all within the weekend I was there! 

Emily wrote a much more detailed post about exactly what we did during our adventurings over at EmBusyLiving

Here's a collection of both photos that she took (hence the high quality bad ass ones) and of the ones that I took. I had such a good time and can't wait to go back one day! :) 

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